Fruition bears the idea of an aforementoned thought. Robert Lee Montgomery, also known as "Smoke" saw his destiny well before he entered its domain. Born August 21, 1990 in Enid, Oklahoma, the emcee found himself moving from house to house. As a youth growing up in Tulsa, Smoke took an alternative route to dealing with an unstable lifestyle; instead of dealing in the streets he dealt in the way he knew how - rhyming. With both a mother and father who were influential in his reception of music, it was only natural for him to come into what was rightfully his.
But the path wasn't immediate as his passion for basketball and dreams of becoming a professional player for the NBA entertained him. Then in middle school, confidence and honesty bolstered him into a place where everyone witnessed his gifts. Soon, opportunities to manifest his talents came with every waking breath, whether it was spontaneously beat boxing and free styling in the school cafeteria or simply writing and sharing his humor among his peers. With his father's influence and constant work on music, Smoke lived in a unique arena where his everyday life became the building blocks for loving music.
Growing more and more to perfect his craft, Smoke attributes his motivation to his parents and to the people that encouraged him with positive feedback. From there, he has established a presence that has created open invitations to work on projects with talented artists and record in some of the top studios in the Midwest. Intelligently presenting his true self through his art, being cool or hip is not of his concern. The art of sound and how it is received is how this artist dares to be different. As he envisions himself on television and billboards, Smoke maintains the concept that information to become a better individual is like fresh fruit to a malnourished body. Very regenerative. Smoke has seen success since the beginning, having only eyes that speak the future through his rhymes.




H-A-DOUBLE R-IS, Born Vincent J Harris was blessed with the gift of music as a child. Playing the drums in local church's around his hometown of Natchez, MS. his love for music grew as he got older. Double R also had a passion for poetry and art, drawing since he was 8 and writing poetry at 11. A natural freestyler Double R would skip lunch periods to rap with others showing witty punchlines. Linking up with I.C.H.O.K.E. 1ST FAM JT,P-HYPE,MAINTAIN,YUNG KUTTA and rapper/producer KILLA COLE helped him hone his skills and delivery. After highschool Double R joined the Marines where rap took the back burner to the call to arms; but even though he was over seas in foreign soil, the call of music never escaped his grasp. After a small base battle competion in Okinawa Japan where he was stationed for a year Double-r won the chance to open for DMX in a 2001 DEF JAM concert held for the troops. Even while in Iraq Double-R and fellow Marines and Army personnel would pass the time freestyling. Still not thinking of taking the chance to take music as a career until moving to Dallas TX. Double R and a couple of co-workers got together and created a coalition of artist by the name of the R.A.T.(Rip Any Track) PACK. Now Double-R is going after the big prize. Affiliated wit Bayou Bois, Crystal City Recordz, I.C.H.O.K.E., LMP and many others Double-R seeks to let the world hear his voice. The quiet kid from Natchez, MS. sets out to let the world know that the south isn't all "one hit wonders".