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Pay for a service that you can quantify with results and reports

Direct us to the customers you want, we will market directly to them and watch your business bloom

Single event and monthly marketing packages are available.... READ BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS

How it works:

Decide which item you want promoted or advertised (Business, specific item, concert, event, musical product, etc) digital or physical the product, we will get you results

Select your FireFly model(s) based on your marketing/promotion scheme OR Direct us to where your target genre gathers

Gear up and prepare yourself for increased traffic to your business re

NuEra Media's FireFLy marketing platform is an end to end proximity solution enabling contextual awreness and new customer insight profiles as a service.  Add real time mobile targeting and value creation to your  customer insight profiles as a service.

Add real time mobile targeting and value creation to your existing mobile app.

Purchase A FireFly, pay for service as its needed

FireFly model Options (One month of service included)

Bumble Bee FireFly - $75 Includes 1 month Silver Service Plan

The perfect device for go everywhere promotions and marketing.  It fits comfortably in your pocket, pocket book or purse and broadcasts up to 50 omni directional meters. Perfect for communicating with 100s of devices at a time at trade shows, conferences, concerts or where there is a large group of your target genre gathered

Fleet FireFly - $75 Includes 1 month Silver Service Plan 

Made to be attached to a keychain the fleet FireFly is useful and practical option for marketing via a fleet of vehicles being driven throughout the city regularly.


Plot FireFly - $90 Includes 1 month Gold Service Pack plan

A device designed to accommodate  a large indoor area with several marketing points of interest.  Use any # of plot FireFly devices in your setup and discover the many possibilities that having a network of FireFlys allows.


Lighthouse FireFly  - $100 Includes 1 month Platinum Service plan

Designed for long range marketing to devices.  Use the Lighthouse FireFly at outdoor concerts or gatherings and take advantage of its ability to reach the longest range of all FireFly devices. 


Monthly Service Plans:

$15 - Silver Marketing Service: One update per month additional updates $4/update >1

$25 - Gold Marketing Service: 3 updates per month additional updates $4/update >3

$40 - Platinum Marketing Service: Up to 7 updates per month $4/update >7


Updates are described as any change to the FireFly's broadcast.  To prevent errors in broadcast information, type the information exactly as it should be seen when being broadcast from your FireFly. 


Broadcast changes should be sent to with the subject line "Campaign change (your FireFly ID)"

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